CENOS Antenna Design and Simulation 

Simple antenna design FEM simulation software.

Now made affordable with open-source algorithms behind

Beta Testing is finalized, now you can download and try software for 10 days here:


Our mission

CENOS mission is to make simulation software affordable for every engineer. To pursuit this goal, we leverage the use of the best open-source tools & algorithms combined with simple user experience and our developer expertise. 


Simple to use

We believe that simulation software should not be limited to expert users only, understandable UX, built-in templates, fast learning curve and premium support are our top priorities


Focused on your needs

Functionality based on real-life user feedback, provided by fast development. Focus means simplicity & speed.

Use CENOS Antenna Design for:

  • patch antennas

  • wire antennas

  • mobile / wireless antennas

  • broadband antennas

  • and others​

Design in 4 easy steps:

  1. Draw antenna geometry or use your CAD

  2. Define frequency and bandwidth, feed (port); add substrate, symmetry and other boundaries

  3. Get 3D directivity, gain, efficiency, S-parameters (S11)

  4. Analyze results and repeat with the next design iteration without fabricating and testing a prototype