Easy-to-use microstrip antenna design & simulation

Easy-to-use even for non-expert users
Accurate and rich radio frequency and microwave simulation results
Affordable. Reasonably priced 3D simulation software for product engineers
Instant Support by CENOS engineers via built-in live chat.

Intuitive and easy-to-use even for non-expert users

Specialized and focused solely on the antenna design, CENOS software has only the relevant features, therefore reducing the learning curve. Less tinkering over the software means more time to work on the product development.

  • Choose from a variety of ready-made antenna design templates.

  • Create your own design or import your CAD or STL files.

  • Customizable object library.

  • Process with automatic, adaptive/adjustable meshing.

  • Extensive frequency-accurate material database of common dielectric materials suited for antennas

  • Automatic geometry parameterization adjusts the parameters based on the goals you have set.

1. Choose Geometry

3.1.(v2)_choose geometry.png

2. Define Physics

3.2_Define Physics.JPG

3. Run Simulation

3.3._Run Simulation.JPG
Supported file types

Integrates with your favorite CAD software

CENOS integrates FreeCAD geometry editor to handle geometry of any complexity, provides built-in utilities for the handy design of microstrip antennas and arrays, feed networks, wire antennas (including import of NEC files), and arbitrary 3D structures.

It also integrates with Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Fusion360, and KiCAD.

Faster simulation.
Faster development.

Reducing computer modeling time is our top priority. Our approach is to trim any excess functionality leaving only necessary for Antenna Design, and automate mundane tasks.

  • Parallel calculation (multi-CPU)

  • Workbench for parameters optimization

  • Automatic meshing

  • Fast frequency sweep

5 (v2).png

Accurate and rich simulation results in one click

Get accurate results fast and in the format you need. Analyze and make adjustments to your antenna design. When the project is finished, you can export and share the results.

  • Interactive 3D plots

    • farfield and radiation patterns (directivity, gain);

    • e-field.

  • 2D plots

    • S11;

    • VSWR;

    • Impedance, Resistance, Reactance; 

    • Applied Power charts;

    • radiation patterns (azimuth & elevation plane in polar and cartesian graphs).

  • Generate PDF reports and share results with others

World-class engineering support

CENOS features built-in live chat with support engineers.

  • Instant support: in-software live support chat

  • video calls / meetings

  • Screen-sharing online onboarding and support

  • Rich documentation and tutorials

  • Confidentiality guaranteed 

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CENOS software is specialized in the simulation of microstrip- and wire-type antennas that include various geometries (fractal, helix, horn, loop, slot, patch, spiral, and others), as well as dipole and monopole antennas. In Q4 2021, CENOS will also feature waveguide simulation.

Microstrip antennas
  • Planar antenna

  • Patch antenna

  • Patch array antenna

  • Stripline antenna

  • Array

  • Slot antenna

  • Fractal antenn

Horn antennas
  • Pyramidal horn

  • E-plane horn 

  • H-plane horn 

  • Conical horn

  • Cylindrical waveguide horn

Your data is secure

CENOS is desktop software, which means the data will not leave your premises.
CENOS requires an internet connection just to verify your software license.
Internet connection also enables you to have an instant live chat with CENOS support engineers.

Customer reviews and feedback

Steven Hendey,
CEO Real Telematics

“It’s great, it’s actually the only 3D simulation package for a reasonable price point for product engineers.”

Case studies

CENOS Ansys HFSS accuracy comparison.png
drone antenna types.png
tester free license.png

Pricing plan

Basic Plan

for beginners


month / per workstation

100% OFF

For students, hobbyists

and academics

non-commercial use only




Basic RF antenna simulation functions*


FreeCAD integration**



Access to the community of users in the Slack channel

Professional Plan

for businesses


month / per workstation



Full RF antenna simulation functions*


FreeCAD integration**

Multi-CPU acceleration



In-software live support chat with CENOS engineers


Access to the community of users in the Slack channel


€ 650
month / per workstation

85% OFF

Special offer for early signups

Development Roadmap 2021

Improved meshing

Apply mesh with even less hassle

Native integration with Autodesk and SolidWorks

Seamless integrations with more of your favorite CAD software

Adaptive meshing

Prepare the mesh even more rapidly and effortlessly.

Parametrization workbench & optimization

Quickly adjust the dimensions of your antenna and find the optimal configuration.

Fast frequency sweep

Accelerate simulation runtime speed.

Waveguide simulation

Support mm-wave antennas with relative ease.

Customizable simulation results report

Personalized result data to share with colleagues.

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By purchasing now, you secure the monthly price - it will remain so unless you cancel the subscription. We expect subscription prices to go up upon launch of the features, but not for you if you subscribe now.