CENOS Antenna Design and Simulation 

Simple antenna design FEM simulation software.

Now made affordable with open-source algorithms behind

Get an early beta tester access & help us develop a better, easy-to-use Antenna Design and Simulation software!


Our mission

CENOS mission is to make simulation software affordable for every engineer. To pursuit this goal, we leverage the use of the best open-source tools & algorithms combined with simple user experience and our developer expertise. 


Simple to use

We believe that simulation software should not be limited to expert users only, understandable UX, built-in templates, fast learning curve and premium support are our top priorities


Focused on your needs

Functionality based on real-life user feedback, provided by fast development. Focus means simplicity & speed.

Use CENOS Antenna Design for:

  • patch antennas

  • wire antennas

  • mobile / wireless antennas

  • broadband antennas

  • and others

Design in 4 easy steps:

  1. Draw antenna geometry or use your CAD

  2. Define frequency and bandwidth, feed (port); add substrate, symmetry and other boundaries

  3. Get 3D directivity, gain, efficiency, S-parameters (S11)

  4. Analyze results and repeat with the next design iteration without fabricating and testing a prototype

Get an early beta tester access & help us develop a better, easy-to-use Antenna Design and Simulation software!