CENOS is a finite element method based computer-aided engineering desktop software for 2D and 3D physical process simulation & computational modelling of induction heating, induction hardening, brazing, annealing and tempering of steel, aluminium, copper and other parts. CENOS can also simulate conductive heating and Czochralski crystal growth process.


  • Simple and complex motion

  • Controllable velocity

  • Complex workpiece hardening



  • Uniform heating

  • Fast calculation for axial-symmetric geometries

  • Rad/s control


HF simulation

  • Fast HF (300 kHz to multiple MHz) case calculation

  • Precise JH estimation at high frequencies

  • Current density distribution


DC link choke

  • Choke heating

  • Link structure improvements


Design optimization

  • Adjustable geometry

  • Optimal parameter solutions

  • Overnight sequence running


Power control

  • Constant and dynamic parameters

  • Current (amplitude) control

  • Voltage control

  • Frequency control



  • Carbon steels

  • Magnetic steels

  • Temperature dependent properties

  • Customizable materials

  • Extensive material library


Hardened profile

  • Hardening profile filters

  • 2D/3D hardened zone visualization


Temperature dynamics

  • Temperature at point

  • Temperature over line

  • Time dependent plots


Energy statistics

  • Generator power requirements

  • Inductor inductance


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