What are the benefits of simulation?

Designing and making induction coils is technically challenging. Computer simulation helps tackle some of the challenges, limiting costs and maximising effectiveness.

  • Test and optimize your coil design and heating process digitally, save time and money on numerous physical design iterations

  • Calculate power efficiency, frequency and heating time to get necessary results

  • Achieve correct impedance matching between the coil and the power source

  • Simulate magnetic flux concentrators

  • Present the results to your customers in 2D or 3D images and graphs

  • Scale your business faster with simulation software!

Do I need to be a trained engineer to use it?

Using dedicated templates a beginner can run his first induction simulation just under 30 min, and become a pro user with any 3D geometry after 2 weeks of training, guided by CENOS engineers.


Moreover, CENOS offers webinars, customer support, online forum and rich documentation site.


Why choose CENOS?


Use of free open source algorithms made it possible for CENOS to be affordable for everyone.

CENOS starts from $300 a month, and saves you 80% of costs and time spent on physical tests.

Simple & focused

CENOS 3D desktop software keeps focus on induction heating and tries to avoid any unnecessary functionality which might confuse inexperienced user. 

Connecting the best of open source in one seamless UX

CENOS platform technology enables affordable simulation available for small to mid-size companies by connecting third-party open source algorithms in one seamless user experience. GetDP, Salome and Paraview were developed by strong academic communities involving world top research centres and universities like Sandia National Lab, Imperial College, KU Leuven and others.