Simulation software for induction heating

Simulation software for induction heating



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"CENOS helps us to develop onsite simulation capability"

Dr. Andreas Seitzer

"It is super easy to handle simulation with CENOS"

Sergej Belik


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Simulation Capabilities

  • Steady state & transient simulation

  • 3D, 2D, axial symmetric

  • Wide frequency range up to MHz

  • Rotation and scanning of a workpiece

  • Non-constant material properties:
    σ(T), λ(T), cp(T), μ(T), B(H), B(H,T)

  • Cooling: convection, radiation, combined

  • Time-dependent current or voltage source I(t), U(t)


Software Features

  • Simple user interface

  • Desktop application for Windows

  • Geometry design tool or import your CAD files (step)

  • Automatic and user-controlled meshing

  • Reliable calculation results approved by experiments

  • Optimal calculation time, tools for fast estimation

  • Powerful post-processing (visualization) of results



Pay When Use *

* Pay only for those months you actually use the software. You can freeze subscription and renew it any time with no additional fee.



Annual Subscription

Save €1800 with annual subscription

Both plans include free support and updates

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Our Mission

Over decades, scientists created tons of smart simulation algorithms. We believe that these algorithms as a scientific heritage should be for free. CENOS makes them useful for industry by connecting into a single, user-friendly platform.

CENOS liberates engineering simulation making it affordable even for smaller companies. Moreover, it is the way to get benefits from fast growing open source simulation community.


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