CENOS Platform -simple 3D modelling & simulation software for induction heating

Simulation software that's affordable for every engineer

"CENOS helps us to develop onsite simulation capability"

"We got an important coil order demonstrating a customer the hardening zone simulation in CENOS."

"CENOS engineers are very supportive helping us in soft-ware use for non-standard simulation cases"

"It is super easy to handle simulation with CENOS"

Dr. Andreas Seitzer

Managing Director,

Himmelwerk GmbH

Judith Levermann


SMS Elotherm GmbH

Witold Zborowski

Sr. head of production department,


Sergej Belik

Deutschen Zentrums für

Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)


Our customers pay only for the platform and user interface while open source algorithms are free

Simple in use

CENOS is focused on user experience keeping it simple even for the first time users

Fast development

Software updates are released every month, including features requested by our customers

Exceptional support

Our customers have a direct access to CENOS simulation engineers, allowing us to react quickly to any support requests

Platform that overperforms

traditional software

Our platform connects the best of community-backed open source tools into one seamless user experience with simple interface for induction heating applications:

  • induction heating

  • single-shot hardening

  • scanning heating

  • high frequency heating (surface impedance)

  • DC applications

  • and more

Complex applications, easy to handle

3D modelling of induction heating processes like - induction hardening, brazing, annealing, pre-heating for forging and more

Use CAD files

Easily process your CAD files with CENOS intuitive CAD framework

Supported file types:


Choose from parametrized templates for the most frequently used geometries

Build from scratch

Use a built-in CAD redactor to

create any custom geometry

Pricing plans

CENOS Platform - a desktop software for Microsoft Windows



For academic, non-commercial use 

All simulation features

University confirmation required

Support not included

available for purchase separately


For professional use in proprietary projects

All simulation features

Real-time support

Personal on-boarding training

1 month


12 months*


* save on 3 months


For projects with multiple users

and custom support

Real-time support

Dedicated simulation engineer

Multi-user licence

All simulation features

Personal on-boarding training

Custom feature development

from $21,000 a year


Download our e-book to learn more about the benefits of simulation in induction heating applications:

Induction Heat Treatment &

The Role Of Simulation Software.pdf

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