3D modelling & simulation software for induction heating applications

Save up to 80% of the design time & costs. Simulate, test and analyse before fabrication

What are the benefits of simulation?

Do I need to be a trained engineer to use it?

Why choose CENOS?

Simulation process in 3 easy steps:







  • from templates

  • import CAD 

  • build from scratch

  • frequency

  • electric current or voltage

  • heating time

  • cooling conditions and materials

  • full non-linear properties like B-H curve

  • lose of ferromagnetic properties over Curie temperature

  • temperature dependence of other material properties and coefficients

  • Get the results like temperature and magnetic field beautifully visualised in 3D rendering, plots and more.

  • Apparent power, induced heat and inductance are logged in Excel file.

  • Post-processing is powered by ParaView.

Use CAD files

Easily process your CAD files with CENOS intuitive CAD framework

Supported file types:


Choose from parametrized templates for the most frequently used geometries

Build from scratch

Use a built-in CAD redactor to

create any custom geometry


  • Simple user interface

  • Desktop application for Windows

  • Geometry design tool or import your CAD files (step, iges)

  • Automatic and user-controlled meshing

  • Reliable calculation results approved by experiments

  • Optimal calculation time, tools for fast estimation

  • Powerful post-processing (visualization) of results

Simulation Capabilities

  • Steady state & transient simulation

  • 3D, 2D, axial symmetric

  • Wide frequency range up to MHz

  • Rotation and scanning of a workpiece

  • Non-constant material properties:
    σ(T), λ(T), cp(T), μ(T), B(H), B(H,T)

  • Cooling: convection, radiation, combined both

  • Time-dependent current source I(t) or voltage drop in a coil

"We got an important coil order demonstrating a customer the hardening zone simulation in CENOS."

"CENOS commitment and support is great. The software is exceptional help for induction coil designers!"

"To support our customers with 100% pure 3D copper coil design, we use CENOS simulation software, since we can rely on the simulation results."

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Induction heating 3D simulation

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