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3D Simulation of a Single Shot Hardening

1h simulation allows to test performance of a new-designed coil virtually, saving time and money for building it.

Induction heating software: 3D Simulation of a Single Shot Hardening
Single shot hardening over 2.5 seconds at 5 kHz and 10 kA

Preparation of the model takes less than 1 hour. The geometry is uploaded to CENOS platform as two CAD files in .step format from a CAD software. The inductor and the workpiece were meshed automatically, just defining skin-depth parameters and a size of maximal element.

The induction heating method is very efficient for hardening of steel parts in automotive industry. However, design of so-called single shot inductors takes days and weeks of work, and needs several prototypes to build an energy efficient coil with long life time. Simulation allows to perform all design tests in computer and, at the end of the process, build physically already the final coil.

The 2.5 seconds single shot calculation was performed in 1 hour and demonstrated temperature distribution over time. A designer is able to modify shape of the coil, flux concentrators and operation parameters like frequency, power and rotation speed in order to find the best solution.

Induction heating software: 3D Simulation of a Single Shot Hardening

Even more sophisticated analysis can be performed overnight! So, CENOS Induction Heating simulation software can really save design time and effort.


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