CENOS Antenna Design and Ansys HFSS accuracy comparison

In March, 2020 we rolled out CENOS Antenna Design software's beta version testing. Based on the feedback provided by our beta testers we improved our software production version.

Here's a simulation of a two-element microstrip patch array done by one of our most committed beta-testers Andreas Rosenberg (Microwave Development Engineer at Weibel Scientific - Copenhagen, Denmark):

Andreas: “The antenna was simulated and created in such way that we could verify a new setup for an antenna measurement facility, that was made as part of a special course at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)"

After creating the simulation Andreas decided to do a far field radiation pattern accuracy comparison between CENOS, Ansys HFSS and actual measurements done in DTU's test lab:

As you can see, the results are very similar and prove that CENOS, although in beta version, can complete such tasks with high accuracy.

Andreas has helped us a lot, and in reward was granted a free perpetual license to use CENOS Antenna Design forever.