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Field joint coating of pipes

Pipeline construction involves various heating processes but is very limited to various resources due to location and weather specifics - operations on open fields, on a pipe-laying vessel in an open sea where shorter installation times are paramount.

There are various pre-heating activities, for example as part of welding activities or as part of the installation of field joint coating systems. One of these processes is the field joint coating of pipes.

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Pipes are exposed to various weather and elements, so corrosion is the biggest risk. To avoid corrosion the weld joints are pre-heated and coated with Fusion Bonded Epoxy.

Traditional gas flame and resistance heating systems can be slow, with a wide temperature variance through the circumference of the field joint area.

The use of induction coils provides uniform, controlled, and precise heat.

Benefits of induction heat:

  • No gases used (HSE)

  • Eliminates need for storage of gas bottles on the laybarge

  • Speed: Optimum cycle times

  • Controlled heat profiles 

  • Accurate, uniform heating over a controlled bandwidth: Reduced risk of damage to factory-applied coating

  • No contamination to pipe substrate

Induction heats the field joint to a desired temperature using a coil manufactured to suit the specific pipe diameter. To design these systems one must take into account various circumstances to achieve repeatable results in the optimum cycle of time.

This 2D simulation reveals the effects of uneven pipe wall thickness in induction heating for coating application. CENOS can help avoid mistakes by making it easier for you to design the right recipes and coil configurations for your induction heating applications.

If your company represents or does jobs for the oil industry, call or write us - our engineers would be happy to learn more about your induction needs and discuss how our software could potentially save your valuable hours spent on induction process and coil design -

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