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From Antenna Design to new Radio Frequency simulation software

We are proud to introduce a new Radio Frequency application designed to democratize engineering simulation for the SME sector. The new RF 2.0 radio frequency simulation software offers engineers working on radio frequency and antenna design projects an affordable price and a fast learning curve.

Today, June 15, 2022, we are launching the new RF 2.0 simulation software (find out more about the RF 2.0 here) targeted at Radio Frequency and antenna design projects in the CAE market. RF 2.0 is a complete revision of the CENOS Antenna Design application. The new application goes beyond antenna design to include a broader range of Radio Frequency designs, significantly expanding the application's coverage while improving usability and workflow management.

In general, access to the highest quality engineering simulation software platforms is limited by high prices and long learning curves. Traditional engineering simulation software is marketed only to the top firms: enormously expensive and highly bloated programs that are simply unavailable and unusable for the majority of engineers – those working for SMEs. As a result, SMEs lose time and money because they have too few software licenses in-house or have to outsource critical design operations. In radio frequency development, in particular, product cycles are greatly accelerated, sometimes causing these smaller companies to skip prototyping or iterative development altogether.

CENOS has been meeting this demand for better access to better simulation software since 2017. By using best-of-breed open-source simulation tools and consistently targeting them to the needs of engineers, CENOS is able to offer applications that rival top-of-the-line products in quality, but at a fraction of the price. Making work easier for more engineers results in an increase in the quality of work throughout the industry. With high-quality software tools, small and medium-sized companies and engineering startups can work at the level of engineers in the largest companies.

RF 2.0 is an application for anyone working in satellite design, drones and other UAV designs, wireless or radio communications, IoT, and the wide range of other consumer and industrial applications that involve microstrip patch and reflector antenna design. In addition to antennas, the software platform is also capable of simulating multi-port networks and waveguides.

RF 2.0 promises to shorten time-to-market, reduce production costs, increase flexibility by making simulation accessible to engineers of all skill levels, and increase the overall efficiency of the engineering design process. The new application is a fundamental redevelopment that includes several key improvements over the Antenna Design application, including CAD file import, a more intuitive user interface, faster setup times, and better handling of RLC elements. RF 2.0 is designed to be learned quickly and used extensively.

Mihails Scepanskis, CEO and co-founder of CENOS, commented:

"RF 2.0 is a complete redevelopment of a product that has already been proven in the field, based on feedback and observations from real-world engineers. There is currently no other CAE product that can provide such a high quality design experience at such a low price. We are excited about the business potential here, but our motivation is to help engineers in startups and SMEs achieve more and work more efficiently. Our competition is not other companies, but rather an old way of doing things."

Mihails Scepanskis CEO and co-founder of CENOS






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