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One of the first Antenna Design testers gets awarded with lifetime free license

Meet our most active software tester Ingmar Meins - RF hobbyist and HAM radio operator from Canberra, Australia.

I'm a technologist or generalist, not a "qualified" engineer. Very keen hobbyist and maker. Ham radio operator, ex-broadcasting technician (radio/TV). Keen interest in technology of any sort from digital forensics, IT security to designing IoT devices.

While Ingmar is a newcomer in the field of electromagnetic simulations, the simplicity of the CENOS platform allowed him to simulate a probe-fed microstrip patch antenna in a not only convenient, but also rapid manner. The antenna was designed to operate in L band, and as the CENOS solver accurately predicted, the measured data are in close agreement with the simulation results.

The antenna was simulated, fabricated and measured in the 1.1 to 1.4 GHz range (300 MHz span) using a Vector Network Analyzer (an instrument used to characterize electrical networks and measure S-parameters), and as the figure indicates, there is indeed a very close match, demonstrating the solver’s ability to accurately represent true fabrication results with significant precision.

Ingmar’s contribution was recognized, and was awarded a free perpetual license to use CENOS Antenna Design forever.

If you're interested in testing our software in exchange for limited, testers only price offers and free licenses (for most active contributors), please sign up here if you haven't already done so.


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