CENOS Antenna Design - a desktop software for Microsoft Windows

CENOS commitment is to make the Antenna Design simulation software affordable for every engineer. We will keep this promise as high priority and, therefore, are still working on pricing - it is not decided yet.

Even more, the first 100 customers of CENOS Antenna Design software will get a huge (90%) discount for lifetime.

For now, the software beta is available for free. We’ll award the most active beta-testers with lifetime free licenses.



Can I use CENOS Platform offline?

You need to have internet connection when you start CENOS software. It is for license verification only. All data of your simulations do not leave your computer.

What hardware do I need to run CENOS?

You can run 2D simulations on almost any computer or laptop. For larger 3D cases we recommend to have at least Intel i5 processor (or similar) and 16Gb RAM. The recommended configuration will be Intel i7 (or similar) and 32Gb RAM. RAM is the most important since it determines the maximal size of the case you can simulate - therefore, the more you have - the better for you. Some of our customers use as much as 128Gb RAM. Video card doesn’t play a significant role, any standard card will be good. For more information regarding the hardware requirements, read our blog post here.

Can I run CENOS on Linux/iOS?

Not yet, we support Windows 7, 8 or 10. We recommend Windows 10.

I’m a student/researcher/teacher, can I get any discount?

For sure! Since explicitly CENOS uses open source tools, we are happy to give back to the academic community. The academic license is free for non-commercial purposes. Click here for more details.

Can I use CENOS academic license for commercial project?

No, the academic license is for non-commercial research and study purpose only. You should contact our sales to buy a subscription in order to use the software for a commercial project even at university. Violation of these rules is subject to legal action.

Can I get additional training?

Yes of course! The first online training is free. The support is included in all subscription plans. Nevertheless, if you need more training, we’ll be happy to provide you online training at any time for $250 (200 EUR) per hour. If you prefer offline training - no problem, we charge $800 (650 EUR) per day, additionally you cover travel expenses and logging for our engineer. You can also consider coming to our premises in Riga, Latvia to be trained here with full immersion in the simulation environment.

I need support with my case, but it is strongly confidential.

We can sign a NDA.

Can CENOS do simulation for me?

We can provide a Premium simulation service which includes case preparation per your request. For the Premium simulation service, we charge $1,500 (1,300 EUR) per month with a minimum period of 3 months, and it includes 24 man-hours of our engineer’s work per month. You will get the case with an explanation along. Contact us here!

Can I purchase the software indefinitely?

Yes, you can purchase the software. The purchase price is 3 x annual price. The maintenance fee for the first year is included. For further maintenance, you’ll pay ½ annual subscription price. If you are interested to get a quote, please contact our sales team at