LITE Plan - 3-month deposit

for infrequent use


CENOS Platform - a desktop software for Windows:

  • Full functionality for induction heating
  • Price per user
  • Limited to 4 days of use per month (purchase extra days - $250 / day)
  • Support via phone & email
  • Free onboarding training




What is the minimum period of LITE subscription?

The minimum period is one month. We charge a deposit for 3 months of subscription, which is 3 x $300, but you can terminate the subscription anytime and get refunded the deposit minus monthly rate that's already been used.

What is the time limitation for LITE subscription?

4 non-consequent days of CENOS Platform use per month are included. That means when you start using the software, using it within 24h will count as 1 day. 

Is LITE plan suitable for smaller businesses? 

The LITE plan is designed especially for small companies that don’t have design jobs all the time but once per month or more. Based on our statistics, 4 days of use per month is enough for small companies. Nevertheless, if at some moment you need a couple of days more, there is no need to upgrade the plan, you can simply pay for additional days of use post factum.

How can I pay?

You can pay with a credit card or ask for an invoice to wire payment.

Is the software functionality restricted for LITE plan?

No limitations, you get full software functionality.

Why do we charge a deposit?

When you start a subscription, we appoint our engineer to support your onboarding. In order to justify the engineer’s effort, we charge the deposit equivalent to 3 months of subscription. In case you decide to terminate the subscription earlier, you’ll get the rest of the deposit refunded.

What if I spend more than 4 days per month?

Additional days can be purchased for $250 (or €200) per day. If you spend more than 4 days, we will notify you and charge this amount from the deposited amount.

What if the software can't solve my case, I get errors and have lost a day?

In that case, please tell us about the problem and you will not be charged for this time. Our simulation engineers will be happy to help you to solve the problem.

How can I get support?

Please reach out to the support at or use the form within the software. Our simulation engineers will look into your problem asap and get back to you. If it will be necessary, you can agree on video-conference with the support team in order to clarify some issues or ask questions online. We also recommend looking into for some useful explanatory materials prepared by our engineering team.

Can I cancel my plan anytime and get my money back?

Yes, simply reach out to us and we will take care of the rest. The subscription can be canceled till 20th day of the month for the following month.

Can I upgrade the subscription plan?

Yes, any time - simply reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

CENOS Platform LITE plan deposit


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