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CENOS v2.0 software release at Thermprocess, June 25-29

We're proud to announce our newest software version 2.0 release at Thermprocess, June 25-29, Dusseldorf.

Working with CAD files now will be easier than ever:

  • Choose your CAD file and prepare simulation case in a few minutes with our intuitive CAD framework

  • All numerical settings and mesh will be set up automatically

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CENOS Platform - simulation software for induction heating applications is releasing it's latest version 2.0, which will be presented at upcoming ThermProcess trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany.


The new version contains a fully automated CAD framework which lets engineers process CAD files for a workpiece, coil and flux concentrators with ease and get simulated heating results visualised in 3D to help them test their design decisions. This release marks a significant milestone in software's development, with newly designed CAD processing framework CENOS simulation software becomes extremely easy-to-use even for those engineers who don’t have any previous simulation experience.


Important differentiator for CENOS Platform is the use of open source algorithms and tools. Mihails Scepanskis, CEO of CENOS explains: “With the help of open source tools we can focus on user experience, sustain affordable price and provide the best customer service. Combining a passionate drive of a startup company with the knowledge of open source community we've found a winning formula and proved that integrated open source tools can overperform some of the leading commercial software in the market.”


Company is targeting small and medium induction heating companies, which can save up to 80% of design time and costs using a digital process simulation. “Today with leading induction heating companies onboard, we see that our approach has the potential to serve other applications apart from induction heating,” Mihails continues.


CENOS stands for “Connecting ENgineering Open Source” highlighting its new software approach. CENOS was established in early 2017 by a team of experienced PhDs, engineers and software developers with a simple vision of bringing sharing economy to the engineering world, saving engineers time and accelerating innovations.

Come see us at Thermprocess!