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    LMS 1.0 release → May 2, 2024   

Liquid Metal Stirring (LMS) 1.0 release webinar


Join us on May 2nd for a webinar for an overview of the CENOS Liquid Metal Stirring simulation software.


  • Overview of CENOS Liquid Metal Stirring tool.

  • Step-by-step simulation walkthrough of the Induction Crucible Furnace.

  • Stay ahead with exclusive insights into our future roadmap.

  • A live Q&A session where your questions bring valuable discussions to the surface.

May 2, 2024

  • 16:00 Central Europe

  • 09:00 U.S. East Coast

  • 06:00 Pacific

  • 21:00 China

Webinar host


Alvis Eimuss


VP of Product

Skilled in Engineering, Research, Teamwork, 3D Modeling and Metallurgy.


Alvis is an engineering professional working in CENOS for 6 years. Strong background in mechanical engineering with focus on aerospace engineering.

After registration is complete, you will receive a link to the webinar in your email.

Thank you for your registration! You will receive an email with the link to the webinar once registration is complete.


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