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RF 2.0

Radio Frequency
simulation software

WEBINAR → June 15, 2022

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Webinar invitation



In this webinar, we focus on the new Radio Frequency simulation software RF 2.0, which is an advancement for Antenna Design.

We launched the Antenna Design software about a year ago. Now, by listened to our customer’s feedback, we have revamped the software to meet users needs, including improved UX and the overall workflow.

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • Introducing RF 2.0 Radio Frequency simulation software.

  • From AD to RF 2.0. What is different?

  • Product demo by Product Manager.

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Time and speakers

Introducing RF 2.0 Radio Frequency Simulation Software.

Wednesday, June 15

Starting @

  • 4 pm Central Europe

  • 11 am U.S. East Coast

  • 8 am Pacific

  • 11 pm China

Mihails Scepanskis

CEO and co-founder of CENOS



Product Owner / Antenna Design


Past webinar recordings

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