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   RF 3.0 WEBINAR   

    April 2 → Tuesday   

RF 3.0

2nd of April, 2024


Starting @

4 pm Central Europe / 10 am U.S. East Coast

7 am Pacific / 11 pm China 

Do not miss the detailed overview of the CENOS™ RF 3.0 simulation software focusing on the new updates.

  1. New in-built results visualization

  2. Frequency step calculation parallelization

  3. New computational algorithm for increased accuracy


Get an overview of the latest changes to result visualization and calculation improvements in CENOS Radio Frequency!


You're invited to participate in active discussions with the hosts to learn all about CENOS™ RF simulation software.

Webinar in Spanishclick here

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Webinar hosts


Rainers Leons Justs


Product Owner | Radio Frequency


Bricia Alvarado


Simulation Engineer | Radio Frequency

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