About us

CENOS was founded in 2017 by 3 PhDs in physics and mathematics who committed themselves to democratize simulation software by making it easy, affordable, and secure to use by every engineer. We believe the adoption of simulation should go beyond R&D centers of corporates and help engineers at production plants and small manufacturers to bring their engineering to the new level.

We believe in the power of community and open-source

The best algorithms always have been created in the academic communities and condensed in brilliant open-source tools like FreeCAD, ParaView, Salome, GetDP, OpenFOAM, Code_Aster and many others - transparent, well-verified, and maintained by the smartest scientists. Thus, we can do things that create added value. We developed the CENOS Platform, which connects open-source tools into a seamless workflow to keep all the best algorithms working together.

Industry-specialized applications


We are engineers - we know how far generic simulation software might be from the actual needs of engineers. Therefore, we've put an additional layer on top of the CENOS Platform - which contains industry-specialized applications that have only the most relevant functions and speak engineers’ language. Therefore, it has unmatched ease-of-use for every engineer.


Funded by venture capital to help engineers

CENOS is a startup, funded by leading San Francisco early stage investor ‘500 Startups’, leading B2B European accelerator Startups Wise Guys and the cohort of Baltic business angels. We use investors’ money to develop technology faster because our customers - engineers deserve it today.

CENOS roadmap


3 PhDs start working on the CENOS Platform


Induction Heating app v.0.1 beta for heat transfer simulation


Induction Heating app v. 1.0


Induction Heating v. 2.0 Easy to handle CAD implementation


Induction Heating v. 3.0 Antenna Design app

New App releases

Electric Motors, 
Wireless Charging, 
Microwave Heating, 
Electric Transformers    


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Zeļļu iela 23, Rīga
LV-1002, Latvia


Dr. phys. Mihails Scepanskis

CEO and co-founder of CENOS LLC


10+ years of scientific and engineering career, a former researcher at Argonne National Laboratory and University of Latvia, 19 peer-reviewed publications

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Dr. math Raimonds Vilums

Co-founder, lead developer UI/UX


Two decades of solid experience in software development and implementation of algorithms. PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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Dr. phys. Vadims Geza

Chief Scientist and co-founder


15+ years in induction heating, a former researcher at Leibnitz University of Hanover, simulation expert in numerous industrial projects

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Alvis Eimuss

Head of Customer Support

Product owner Induction Heating

Simulation professional with an aerospace engineering background.

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Martins Vilums

Head Of Marketing


Marketing professional with 10+ years experience in tech startups and scale-ups.

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Girts Kalnins



20+ years of software building and shipping experience in R&D projects.

Emils Vjaters

Sales Development Representative


Sales professional experienced in international B2B sales and market research.

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Haralds Kauliņš
Software Developer Back-end


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Raitis Kipurs

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing professional with 10+ years experience in tech startups and digital marketing agencies.

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Apostolos Spanakis-Misirlis

Simulation Engineer Antenna Design,

Product Owner Antenna Design


Elvis Šeļevskis

Simulation Engineer Customer Success team

Rinalds Pārpucis

Product Engineer FreeCAD/Pre-/Post-processing


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Mohamed Akeel Fouzul Ameer
Junior Simulation Engineer


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Malvīne Nelda Strakova

Product Engineer Induction Heating


Igors Vinogradovs
Software Developer Front-end 

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Daniel Galera Nebot

Product Engineer Antenna Design


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Jēkabs Saulītis

Sales Development Representative

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Dāvids Alilujevs
Sales Development Representative

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Inesa Saruhanova

Financial & operation manager

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