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SES to reduce development lead times with a simulation product focused on the needs of RFID and connectivity solutions

Today, technology moves fast. Companies everywhere are looking for smart ways to make products better and cost-effective. That has led many forward-thinking companies to reevaluate their simulation tools. A shining example of this shift is seen in the journey of SES RFID, a leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

SES RFID, with its roots in Germany and wings spanning across Taiwan and the USA, has been at the forefront of delivering electronics tailored for challenging environments. Continuous product development and the willingness to enhance design services for existing and new customers lead to searching for RF simulation software.

The CENOS software has allowed SES to reduce development lead times with a simulation product focused on the needs of RFID and connectivity solutions. We are also now in a position to offer fast turn-around antenna design services allied with our patented technology for rugged industrial applications.

—   Martin Scattergood Managing Director SES RFID Solutions GmbH

A journey choosing a suitable simulation software wasn't easy. SES had lots of options including outsourcing simulation partners. Many simulation tools were packed with a variety of features the company would never use and therefore the cost of the simulation wasn’t justified for the company’s specific needs. They found CENOS and it was more suitable for their niche product development. It also promised to make hardware design 10 times faster and cut research and development costs by 80% without losing quality. That was exactly what SES needed, the same accurate and fast results with less cost.

What really made SES choose an alternative simulation software wasn't just the cost savings or the European base ensuring timely support and alignment with SES' operational hours. It was the platform's profound understanding of the nuances in niche product development—like SES's focus on RFID antenna designs for high-temperature applications in tires.

For SES, using CENOS is more than just using new software. SES was looking for a partner to help them make the next big thing in RFID products. It's opened up new chances for them to make unique products, especially for niche products and tough jobs like putting antennas in tires.

This story serves as an inspiration and a call to action for manufacturing companies, engineers, and industry leaders to consider their simulation platforms. In a world where the right tool can make a big difference, SES' move to a more suitable simulation platform shows how important it is to choose wisely. It's not just about being good, it's about being great.

SES' journey with CENOS is a great lesson for all of us. The right tools can reduce product development time and help us work smarter, save expenses, and keep pushing forward. Let's take inspiration from SES and think about how we can use the best tools for our projects.


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