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CNPEM using CENOS for YAG sintering and heat treatment of NbTi alloys

Here’s a short study of how CNPEM is using CENOS software for simulations.

The Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) is continuously pushing the boundaries in materials engineering.

Here's the PDF file with the simulation results.

CENOS Results 2024
Download PDF • 2.44MB

Recently engineer Victor Ferrinho Pereira was working on these two simulations:

Simulation 1

Vacuum induction furnace for YAG ceramics

  • Matched the target temperature for sintering YAG ceramics, enhancing power input for precision.

  • Employed a graphite susceptor to gauge the heating range, fine-tuning for equipment compatibility.

  • Identified the need for detail refinement for enhanced test accuracy.

Simulation 2

Heat treatment for NbTi alloys

  • Investigated induction coupling and temperature gradients in compact NbTi alloys.

  • Calculated optimal frequency for various temperatures, optimizing the heat treatment process.

  • Evaluated magnetic coupling to ensure achievable temperatures with existing coils and power sources.

Key takeaways:

  • CNPEM's custom-built vacuum induction furnace is a result of their innovation.

  • Both simulations by CNPEM delivered valuable insights, setting a new standard for material processing.

CNPEM's work with CENOS is opening the way for smarter, more efficient engineering solutions.

These simulations aren't just technical achievements but they're building ways towards more advanced technology manufacturing.

For engineers and industry leaders, this is an example of how simulation software is used for enhanced precision and performance.


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