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How Netzsch improved their machines with CENOS software

Netzsch is a manufacturing company in Brazil that makes hydraulic pumps. The company ran into some trouble with an induction hardening machine they have purchased several years ago.

Netzsch was constantly working to improve their products and manufacturing processes. Therefore, multiple things had changed during the time - the design of the parts, the steel used, etc.

Klaus Heizinger, the head of their research team, was determined to fix this problem. When trying to adjust the hardening process, Klaus and his colleagues were struggling to get satisfactory results. They wanted to keep making their products better and needed their machines to keep up.

The Problem

Netzsch was updating their products and using new types of steel, but their old hardening machine wasn't keeping up. The machine had very basic settings like "high frequency", "medium frequency" and "low frequency" without any information of what are the absolute values of those frequencies.

This lack of clear settings made it really hard for the team to figure out the best way to use the machine. They ended up wasting a lot of materials and time trying to guess the right settings.

Developing a Solution

Klaus knew they needed to really understand how their machine worked to make it better. He thought that if they could somehow see and adjust the machine's settings more precisely, they could improve how it hardened their pump parts.

Implementing the Solution

Klaus decided to use the CENOS simulation software, which is made for simulating how heating processes work in machines like theirs. This software let them experiment with different settings without risking any actual parts. They could change the settings in the software and see what would happen, which was a great help.

The Results

Using the CENOS simulation software, Klaus and his team could finally see exactly what their machine was doing at each setting. They learned the best settings for different materials and designs, which made their hardening process much better.

Now, they didn't have to guess anymore. They knew exactly what to do, saving time and materials. This made their research and development work much more effective and confident.


With the CENOS software, Netzsch solved a big problem with their machine and made their manufacturing process better and smarter. This is how the right technology can really make a difference in solving practical problems in a company. Netzsch is now able to keep innovating and improving their products with confidence.


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