Helps to design better, more efficient induction coils and heating recipes with confidence and in a shorter time by replacing physical tests with computer simulations


Specialized induction heating

simulation software 

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Trusted by induction heating industry leaders:

CENOS simulation is accurate

CENOS simulation software accuracy is explicitly validated by our customers - industry leaders. Engineers benchmarked CENOS simulations with real-life tests and practically proved the software value for induction coil design, heating recipe optimization, energy efficiency, and coil lifetime improvements.

Actually, CENOS is the most accurate simulation software because it utilizes open-source calculation algorithms, which are absolutely transparent and accessible for everyone. The calculation algorithms were built, verified, and improved by the community of academic users from the world's top universities.

Software functionality

  • One stop software: from CAD geometry to full visualization of results and analysis

  • Desktop (on-premises) installation for Windows 7-10

  • CENOS leverages open-source tools to ensure full stack of CAD/CAE software: Salome, GetDP, ParaView

  • High-performance simulation algorithms optimized for induction heating tasks

  • Supports the use of CAD geometry files prepared by any design program (.step or .iges formats)

  • Pre-defined templates for basic workpiece and coil geometries

  • Full-stack geometry editor powered by Salome

  • Full 3D, 2D and axial symmetric simulations

  • Material database, possibility to add and save custom materials

Unmatched ease-of-use

  • frequency, current, voltage

  • heating time, cooling 

  • non-linear properties (B-H curve)

  • loss of ferromagnetic properties over Curie temp.

  • material properties and coefficients

       Get results:

  • 3D temperature and magnetic field renderings, animations, plots, and more

  • Apparent power, induced heat, and inductance are logged in the Excel file

  • use CENOS templates

  • import CAD (STEP IGES)

  • build from scratch using FREECAD OR SALOME

Learning & support


Applications & examples

Design and simulate induction coils, induction systems and create heating recipes for:

  • Induction hardening

  • Single-shot hardening

  • Scanning hardening

  • Surface hardening

  • Tempering

  • Annealing

  • Normalizing

  • Induction brazing & soldering

  • Welding

  • Preheating for welding

  • Bonding and curing

  • Shrink fitting

  • Induction bending

  • Semiconductor crystal growth

  • ​​Induction heating of billets, bars, and strips

  • Forging

  • Metal forming

  • Preheating of injection moulds

  • Induction melting

  • Additive inductor manufacturing

  • other applications

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40 days of use per year

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Unlimited use

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/ mo x 12

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Floating license Unlimited use

Billed annually

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"To support our customers with 100% pure 3D copper coil design, we use CENOS simulation software, since we can rely on the simulation results."