Simple induction heating simulation software trusted by industry leaders

Reduce the number of physical tests and development time of induction coil and systems. Create heating recipes with confidence.


"We got an important coil order demonstrating a customer the hardening zone simulation in CENOS."

"To support our customers with 100% pure 3D copper coil design, we use CENOS simulation software, since we can rely on the simulation results."

Design and simulate induction coils, induction systems and create heating recipes for:

  • Induction hardening

    • Single-shot hardening

    • Scanning hardening

  • Surface hardening

  • Tempering

  • Annealing

  • Normalizing

  • Induction brazing & soldering

  • Welding

  • Preheating for welding

  • Bonding and curing

  • Shrink fitting

  • Induction bending

  • Semiconductor crystal growth

  • ​​Induction heating of billets, bars and strips

  • Forging

  • Metal forming

  • Preheating of injection moulds

  • Induction melting

  • Additive inductor manufacturing

  • other applications

Our mission is to democratize simulation software making it more affordable and available for broader audience

We're making a simulation affordable and available for every engineer by connecting the best of open-source tools into a simple-to-use interface with applications focused on industry specific needs.

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"The Role Of Simulation In Induction Heating Applications"

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