CENOS is intuitive FEM software to speed up RF antenna design of any complexity to fit geometric and electromagnetic constraints

Specialized antenna design

simulation software 

CENOS Antenna Design is best for

CENOS software is specialized in the simulation of microstrip- and wire-type antennas that include various geometries (fractal, helix, horn, loop, slot, patch, spiral, and others), as well as dipole and monopole antennas.

Finite element method (FEM) software solves Maxwell’s equations directly with no simplifications or limitations. Therefore, results provided by CENOS are accurate for wide ranges of geometries and antennas, including very complex geometries.

Software functionality

  • One-stop software: from CAD geometry to full visualization of results and analysis

  • Desktop (on-premises) installation for Windows 7-10

  • CENOS leverages open-source tools to ensure full stack of CAD/CAE software: FreeCAD, GetDP, ParaView

  • User experience optimized for RF antenna design

  • Supports the use of CAD geometry files prepared by any design program (.step or .iges formats)

  • Pre-defined templates for basic antenna geometries

  • Full-stack geometry editor powered by FreeCAD

  • Material database, possibility to add and save custom materials

Unmatched ease-of-use

  • frequency, diapason

  • substrate, multiple materials

  • boundary conditions

  • feed, multiple ports

     Radiation pattern:

  • Far-field in 3D, azimuth & elevation plane in polar and cartesian graphs

     Feed properties:

  • Resistance, reactance, impedance, VSWR & others

     Antenna properties:​

  • Directivity, gain, radiation, intensity

  • use CENOS templates

  • import CAD (STEP IGES)

  • build from scratch using FreeCAD editor

Applications & examples

  • Microstrip antennas

    • Planar antenna

    • Patch antenna

    • Stripline antenna

    • Array

    • Slot antenna

    • Fractal antenna

  • Wire antennas

    • Dipole antenna

    • Monopole antenna

    • Helical antenna

    • Loop antenna

    • Cloverleaf antenna

    • Spiral antenna

    • Yagi-Uda antenna

  • ​​Horn antennas