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RF 2.0

A New Radio Frequency

Simulation Software

We introduce a new Radio Frequency simulation software that is an enhancement of the current Antenna Design simulation software. With RF 2.0, we have greatly expanded the coverage of antennas to the entire RF, improvements to UX and the overall workflow.


From AD to RF 2.0

Introducing RF 2.0 Radio Frequency Simulation Software.

We launched the Antenna Design software about a year ago. Now, by listening to our customer’s feedback, we have revamped the software to meet users' needs, including improved UX and the overall workflow.


We are expanding from antennas to the entire RF by introducing lumped elements. For this reason, we are reintroducing the software and calling it RF 2.0 because we have significantly expanded the coverage.

The RF 2.0 simulation software we develop is accessible to all engineers worldwide.


We believe that every simulation tool we develop must be accessible to all engineers worldwide.

By using the best open source tools and linking them seamlessly, we have been able to develop software that does not require a long learning curve and comes at an affordable price.

User-friendliness of simulation software has always been a high priority at CENOS.

We are proud to introduce a new simulation software for Radio Frequency jobs, which employs the FEM method and is a further development for Antenna Design.


Mihails Scepanskis

CEO and co-founder of CENOS


Built for engineering companies

Main areas of the RF 2.0 simulation software:

  • Create simulations for application groups such as microstrip, horn, reflector, wire antennas, waveguides.

  • Study the ideal placement of an antenna in a device to ensure maximum radiation pattern in the least amount of space.

  • Use powerful visualization tools to share and analyze various RF designs with colleagues and partners.

  • Investigate electromagnetic interference and compatibility.

Read a user sotry:

Article about simulation software accuracy comparison



A user of CENOS RF 2.0 simulation software can easily upload CAD (step) files. In the majority of cases, the mesh is created automatically. Recent tests by our engineers have shown that 75% of all CAD fields are successfully meshed automatically, only the remaining 25% need to be meshed manually.


The user can correct the geometry in the software CAD and upload it again to CENOS. All settings will be kept. Alternatively, the user can also perform the meshing manually in the CENOS interface.


Read a user story:

Probe-fed microstrip patch antenna simulation

Recalculation and analysis

All settings are kept if the user wants to recalculate the model with changed parameters. If the user changes a geometric parameter, the file CAD can be reloaded; all model parameters are retained and the mesh is automatically rebuilt, whether generated by CENOS or controlled by the user.


The parametric sweep is accessible for all non-geometric parameters of the model. RF 2.0 allows the import of CAD, created in another editor such as Fusion360, SolidWorks or Creo. We provide sweep for non-geometric parameters.


Read a user story:

Simulation of drone antenna types


Live Chat Support

World-class technical support

is just a click away.


Alvis Eimuss

Head of Support

CENOS simulation software has integrated Live Chat Support. This is an unusual feature for simulation software and is highly appreciated by CENOS users.

We pride ourselves on providing engineers with immediate support when they need help using software.

From our support, you get live support chat with the option of video calls and meetings. Our support will help you get up to speed with extensive documentation and tutorials. Your data is safe with us and confidentiality is guaranteed.

  • Immediate support: live support chat within the software

  • Video calls/meetings

  • Screen sharing for online introduction and support

  • Extensive documentation and tutorials

  • Guaranteed confidentiality


Pricing for Pro and Basic

✓  Parallel calculation (multi-threading)

✓  PDF detailed report

✓  Instant Support Chat with engineer

✓  Onboarding training

✓  Automatic meshing

✓  Manual meshing option

✓  Lumped elements simulation

✓  Multi-port simulation with sequential & 
      simultaneous excitation

✓  Customizable material database

✓  FreeCAD and KiCAD software native


Yearly subscription

Suitable for frequent users

€ 7,800

You will be redirected to a short form. Please fill out this form and a CENOS specialist will contact you to give you an introduction to the RF 2.0 software.




✓  Email support

✓  Automatic meshing

✓  Manual meshing option

✓  Lumped elements simulation

✓  Multi-port simulation with sequential & 
      simultaneous excitation

✓  Customizable material database

✓  FreeCAD and KiCAD software native


Yearly subscription

Suitable for infrequent users

€ 4,200

You will be redirected to a short form. Please fill out this form and a CENOS specialist will contact you to give you an introduction to the RF 2.0 software.

Have questions?


Emils Vjaters

Head of Sales

+371 2200 3845

+1 708 794 4046

Book a Demo call

Book a demo call with a CENOS specialist who will walk you through the details of the RF 2.0 simulation software and help you find the subscription that's best for you.


Benefits of using RF 2.0


Reduce time to market by incorporating simulation throughout the product development process.


Increase efficiency by enabling effective reuse of design and simulation expertise.

Detect and correct design errors early.


Reduce production costs by intervening early and avoiding costly adjustments at a later stage. Increase agility by enabling simulation to be used at all skill levels.


Easy to use for both simulation experts and non-experts - users can independently start simulating their first projects in just one day.


Quick and intuitive case setup - it takes less than 5 min to set up a simulation using an existing CAD file.

Powerful CAD (.step file) import and user-friendly in-app CAD tool - supports all .step files, of which 75% can be automatically meshed without the need of CAD model adjustment.


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